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Refreshingly bright, precise
and Rousseauesque.
Abaco Journal Newspaper

For colour, nobody comes close to the scintillating palette used by silk artist Marjolein Scott whose underwater and beach scenes and native fauna glow from the fabric like gems.
Abaconian Newspaper

An artist extraordinaire!
Nassau Guardian Newspaper

Spectacular Artwork
Gulf Coast Living Magazine

Watercolours that capture spectacular beauty of nature, her surrounds and graceful people.
Coastal Boating Magazine

One major artist, Marjolein Scott, born in Indonesia and living in the Bahamas, has created uplifting fantasy watercolors on silk. Her work plays with all the colors of a rainbow in the depiction of mythical mermaids of romance appearing form the depths of the sea. She combines silk paints and dyes with oriental and western techniques based on her experience with the Indonesian art of batik.
Washington International Magazine

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