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Marjolein was born on Borneo in Indonesia, of Dutch parents and grew up in Indonesia, East Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore, where she studied classical ballet and fine art. Her paintings reflect the vibrant colours of a tropical paradise.

Marjolein’s medium of choice is watercolour on silk, using techniques based on the Indonesian art of Batik. The richness and depth of her colours are a result of a palette of European silk paints that are layered onto the paintings. Each painting can take weeks to produce the vibrant colours on natural silk.

Although her subjects and commissioned works vary, they all reflect the spectacular beauty of nature, her surroundings and graceful people.

Marjolein's commissioned paintings can be found in private and corporate collections in America, Europe, the Far East, the Bahamas and Australia as well as Holland.

The company, Barefoot Contessas, produces a line of products that incorporate reproductions of her work. High quality giclee prints on canvas, wearable art t-shirts, tile art, postcards and mugs are some of the items found in galleries and boutiques in the Bahamas and the US.


The Underwater Detectives: An illustrated children's book
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